Michelle Kirby


A perpetual motion machine simulating the ever present invisible exchange of energy. The piece is composed of particles and cycles. The animation is governed by rules, making particle location: unknown, collision occurrence: indeterminate. The animated subjects have a life of their own. Only when a particle becomes associated with a cycle, can it interact with other particles similarly entwined. The vast possibility of interactive space in which the free-roaming particle meanders becomes restricted. Freedom to do anything is an isolated prison. Without commonalities and shared experience, interaction becomes less likely. As we join circles and create groups, interaction with others increases but also becomes more homogenous. Unbound interactive space narrows into an echoing chamber of the same and unexperienced cycles become other.

OpenFrameworks / Creative Coding / Organic Systems
  • The Eternal Return

    The Eternal Return

    Interactive Installation created with OpenFrameworks and Arduino.

  • Emergence


    Procedural Animation personifying invisible transfers of energy. Made with OpenFrameworks

  • Wave Machine

    Wave Machine

    Fluctuations around an axis create wave like patterns described mathematically via sine and cosine functions. Wave Machine explores the secret world of sine and cosine and the infinite results derived from their creative [re]application.

  • Quest


    Let's go on a Quest! Quest is a social mobile event planner.

  • The Dojo

    The Dojo

    Icon series depicting the five animalistic fighting styles of Shaolin warriors.

  • Gerber Daisy

    Gerber Daisy

    Digital Art created as part of the Gerber Grant for Creative Technology.

  • MTN


    A technological face with an organic heart.

  • OTR


    Urban Site Research.

  • Allerquip/Mediquip

    Allerquip / Mediquip

    Web Design for online supplier of asthma products.

  • Ground Up


    Crowd-Sourcing web platform designed for real estate developers.